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Welcome to our first Newsletter. Every quarter you will receive our management newsletter informing you what we have done to bring more business to CCLS.

You will also be able to make comments and suggestions to us.

First quarter registrations:

Intensive English program:

Our Intensive English program received new registrations in the first 3 months of 2018. We now have 5 groups in the morning and 2 in the afternoon.

Some of the new students came as transfer from other local schools (Inlingua, TALK and FNU). Most of these students reported they wanted to transfer because the other schools had mixed groups. The crisis that affected most of the IEP’s in the USA last year is not over. We continue to work hard to reserve the trend. Unfortunately some F1 applicants had their visa denied.

As part of our business plan, we continue to invest in online ads in Facebook, Google and Instagram. We use geo marketing to target countries which we believe have a higher number of students looking form Intensive English program in Miami: France, Italy, Colombia, Brazil, Ukraine.  Last year we stopped promoting our programs in Venezuela due to the financial crisis in that country.

We continue to use email marketing to follow up with prospects and with agents. The agents are part of our long term business plan. Some of the students that were sent to us by Agents: Vadym from Ukraine, Veruska from Colombia and Elisa from Brazil.

Spanish program:

The Spanish program in the evenings continues to get stronger. In the 1st quarter we had 6 groups of Spanish in the evening. Our website is frequently updated with early registrations discounts and the schedule of new classes.

The website is also constantly updated / code so we can keep the page position on search engines.

Portuguese program:

The Portuguese group program in the evenings continue to struggle. The same campaigns (online and email marketing) we use use Spanish are used for Portuguese as well. It seems the demand is not there.

On the other hand we continue to have requests for in-company private Portuguese.


Lights in classrooms 101 and 102 – as requested /suggested by our Spanish teacher, Patricia Morante, we contacted the building management, the lights were replaced and the classrooms do not look as dim in the evenings as before.

We also complained to the building management about the cleaning in the classrooms. They did a thorough cleaning back in early February and we plan to request another one every 6 weeks.

As pointed out in an informal teachers’ meeting, some of the students desks had stains. All the students desk upholstery has been washed / cleaned again.

Please keep in mind that no food or drinks should be allowed in the classroom. We kindly ask that you enforce that with the students.

Laptops the classrooms 

We have purchased longer cables so you can use a laptop from your podium.

Iris had suggested that a world map be placed in the classrooms. We searched the web, but could not find a suitable (not too large) world map. We even purchased a map that the quality was not good. We suggest the laptop be used if you need to show a world map.

New videos

Business plan

On line CALL, LCP and Lesson Texts


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