All our group classes are now on line during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The Spring Break for International students will end on Friday, March 27. On line classes will resume on March 30.

We can also offer online private classes.

The school is closed, but you can call us at 305-529-2257, 305-529-8563 or 786-774-0446

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On Monday, March 16 our English teachers were trained on how to use the online platform.

Morning  and after afternoon classes will resume on Tuesday, March 17.

All evening students will resume online classes on Wednesday, March 18.

If you are a private student, please contact us for more information.

If you have any symptoms of the COVID-19 (fever, cough or difficulty in breathing), please contact your doctor immediately, wear a mask and avoid contact with others. For further information, please check CDC.GOV

Let´s work together to avoid spreading the virus: frequently wash your hands with soap and water; avoid handshakes, hugs and kisses; cover coughs and sneezes (use tissue  or the inside of your elbow); clean and disinfect surfaces you frequently touch. Do not wear masks unless you are sick. Click here for more information: Avoid the virus

We will update this page on a regular basis.  Please call or email us  if you have any questions or concerns:

Phone: 305-529-2257

WhatsApp: 786-774-0446

Email: info@cclscorp.com

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