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Student Handbook English

                                                               STUDENT ACKNOWLEDGMENT AND AGREEMENT


By signing this agreement, I expressly acknowledge that I have received the Student Handbook, which contains a description of CCLS Miami’s student policies and guidelines, as well as other academic information. I understand and accept the terms contained within the Student Handbook.


By signing this Agreement, I expressly release CCLS-Cultural Center for Language Studies, its parent companies, officers and employees from any and all losses, damages, liability or personal injury arising from or in connection to field trips and events promoted by CCLS in which the students chooses to participate.


By signing this Agreement, I expressly authorize CCLS Miami to request medical service in case of a medical emergency while the student is at CCLS Miami or participating in a field trip or event promoted by CCLS. I understand that I or the student´s health care plan will be solely responsible for any and all expenses incurred in connection with the medical treatment provided to the student.


I acknowledge it is my responsibility to maintain student status while in the USA. I will attend the mandatory orientation which is the program start date on the I-20. During the orientation, CCLS polices and guidelines will be explained to me and I will have the opportunity to clarify any policies and guidelines I have not understood. I am aware that I must read the handbook before the orientation.


I grant the irrevocable and unrestricted right to reproduce the photographs and/or video images taken of me, or members of my family, for the purpose of publication, promotion, illustration, advertising, or trade, in any manner or in any medium.  I hereby release CCLS of all claims and liability relating to said images or video.  Furthermore, I waive my right to any compensation.






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