“People influence people. Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend. A trusted referral influences people more than the best broadcast message.” – Mark Zuckerberg

Here are some of our students’ testimonials:


“First of all, thank you so much for the opportunity. It was amazing experience, this school is perfect. Everybody super nice! Please maintain the excellent job.” – Diego R – Intensive English – January 2020

“CCLS is a wonderful school, it is also very well located. I had a great experience, teachers are great and highly qualified, the staff is very supportive and the students were very warm and friendly. I strongly recommend it.” – Hildergart P- Intensive English Program- January 2020

“I´ve had the pleasure of studying English at CCLS for 5 months, during which I met amazing friends, I had great teachers and, above all, I was impressed with the great support that CCLS staff gives us. CCLS earns my highest recommendation.” – Mara B- Intensive English Program- January 2020

This is a maintenance class, and in my opinion, Lucia is an excellent instructor, very creative, always presents interesting and up-to-date materials related to the Brazilian culture, history, and societal changes, as well as what is going on around the world.” – Zenaida P – In-company Portuguese classes – January 2020.

“It was amazing experience, this school is perfect. Everybody super nice! Please maintain the excellent job.” – Diego R- Intensive English Program- January 2020

“Patricia is one of the best teacher i have ever worked with. She is patient, hard working and adapts to our situation as industry professionals. She knows when to be tough with us despite our schedule and this makes us better students in the longer term.” -Yashnath I – In-company Spanish classes – November 2019

“I strongly recommend CCLS. They are very professional, and their classes are interactive for learning a new language. I learned Portuguese because, I wanted to learn a new language and my work has Brazilian clients and most people don speak Portuguese. Having taken these classes made it easier to understand them and made me able to communicate. At first was challenging to get use to a different language . I must say I was exposed to different accents that made it even more interesting and better . This year, I travel to Portugal was able to communicate with locals . I can’t wait to continue the conversational Portuguese to perfect my Portuguese and then travel to Brazil to keep on practicing. Thank you to CCLS for their patience, kindness and excellent teaching skills.” – Jessica P – Portuguese Group classes – November 2019

“CCLS is the best language center and I had studied in many of them. Everyone is an amazing and kind person and you can feel in a familiar environment.” Lorela F. – Intensive English Program – September 2019.

“Incredible staff and amazing professors. Spent a few months improving my Spanish and Portuguese. It was an incredible experience and I recommend them to anyone trying to learn a language.” Jared D. – One-on-one Spanish and Portuguese classes – September 2019

“This is the best school that I studied ! I learned a lot there. They care about students and do everything to help them . The teachers are very well prepared. The director and academic coordinator are very helpful.” – Francisca A. – Intensive English program – August 2019

“Overall, i am extremely pleased with the level of education. Margot is a great professor, that truly goes above and beyond to make class both educational and entertaining. Love attending Portuguese class” – Vianna M. – In-company Portuguese classes – July 2019

“I can’t begin to say enough about my teacher. Her patience, motivation and encouragement – made my classes with her that much more successful. I have not only learned a new language- but I have gained a friend. Maria is a HUGE asset to your organization.” – Mildred V – In-company Portuguese classes – June 2019

“Excellent school, I recommend 100%, focus on the student to speak, teachers are highly professional and always look for ways to improve!” – Cristal B – Intensive English program – May 2019

“Our instructor is excellent and is very thorough. She has a great demeanor and the perfect personality for teaching others a new language. I have very much enjoyed the class and look forward to the next course. Thank you.” – Christina S. In-company Portuguese group classes – March 2019

“If I had known that CCLS was such a good school, the people so lovely, the atmosphere great, the teachers so prepared, I would never have studied at another school before! Thank you CCLS for all the attention, dedication and professionalism! I super recommend it!” – Deborah B. – Intensive English Program – February 2019

“I studied English in this school for 3 months when I was 23 years old. They have a learning method that allows you to practice the language in everyday life. What makes all the difference. My level has improved very quickly, in two months I was already able to hold a real conversation. I recommend it” – Stephanie M. – Intensive English student – February 2019

“I’ve been taking Portuguese classes here since June 2018, after 6 months I got promoted in my job among other things because of my Portuguese! This school is great, the teachers are excellent and are always on time. I highly recommend them.” – Oscar L. – January 2019

“I’ve been taking Spanish classes at CCLS for over a year now. The school and the classes are wonderful. The teachers genuinely care about your progress and are really invested in creating a unique and beneficial learning experience! I highly recommend CCLS — especially for those needing to learn Spanish and can’t just “pick it up”. CCLS provides the structure and the instruction to be able to learn a language, and to learn the ESSENTIALS necessary for every day conversations. I went from being able to say about three words in Spanish to having full conversations in a few months!” – Sydnie K. – January 2019

“I came to the US to study English and I chose CCLS, the school that I studied for a year and a half.
It was an amazing experience! All the teachers are well prepared and are so friendly!
I really recommend the school!” – Elisa D., December 2018

“The one-on-one Portuguese courses are helping me improve at a faster pace than in a group setting. I find that my professor tailors the pace and material of the course to what I need at that time. I find that inside and outside of class I am thinking more often than not in the language, something that I was not doing before. I am not only better understanding the language but also feel more confident while doing so.” – Rebecca S., November 2018

“I had a great experience at CCLS Miami. The teachers are really well prepared and I learned a lot. I noticed that my English improved a lot and they helped me to speak correctly using the correct grammar. The facility is good and people are very nice and helpful. I’m willing to go back soon.” – Marcelo R., October 2018.

“Thank you so much for what you have done for the student that I sponsored to your school. She now speaks English and writes it to a point where she is able to be independent and proficient in almost all English speaking settings. Hooray!
I chose your school because CCLS does an excellent job of teaching conversational English in a very international setting with students of different backgrounds and from culturally diverse countries. CCLS is definitely the right school for international students.” – Fritz G. who sponsored Aneth G. a student from Haiti, September 2018.

“CCLS Miami is an amazing school with great teachers. I learned a lot from you guys! Thanks for everything you have done for me. I will recommend you! Because more than a School you were more than a family.” – Nahlany M. – Intensive English student from Colombia, August 2018.

“I learned English at CCLS Miami from August 2017 to June 2018. What a great experience that was ! Staff and teachers are really thorough and friendly. Nothing could have been better. Thank you so much !” – Nicolas Z. – Intensive English student from France, July 2018.

“My Spanish teacher, Angela, is highly-motivated to help her students succeed at accomplishing their goals She is very knowledgeable and is a pleasure to work with” – William S. – Corporate customer – July 2018

“Excellent school. Thanks” – Aramis R. – Semi intensive English student. June 2018

“My Portuguese teacher, Renata, is great!” – Lucca A. – Corporate Portuguese and Spanish class student – June 2018

“CCLS is a very good school with amazing staff. From the front desk girl to the director you’ll find amazing people. All teachers work hard to develop our skills, they do whatever they can to make our learning enjoyable. In that school you’ll have good results improving your English.” – Amanda P. – Intensive English student from Brazil – May 2018

“The course has exceeded my expectations” – Xenia F. – Corporate English student, May 2018

“I was delighted to have the opportunity to have studied at this school. If I could, I would go back without thinking. All those who form CCLS, stand out for their human quality, their closeness and commitment, which motivates students to learn more easily.” – Lara O. – Intensive English student from Spain – April 2018.

“For me CCLS is the best English School in Miami. The teachers and everyone who works at school are really good.” – Roberta D.R. – Semi intensive English student from Brazil – Sept 2017

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