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In-state refund & academic progress


           CCLS Refund Policy- In-State Tuition


Refund Eligibility and Payment


  • If the course is cancelled by CCLS, all fees are refunded.
  • If the student never attends or cancels before course’s start date, a full refund will be made.
  • If a student cancels prior to the beginning of the first course or never attends classes, CCLS will retain four weeks of tuition charges.
  • If a continuing student withdraws at or before the course’s midpoint, CCLS will retain a prorated amount of tuition fees. The prorated amount will be made in weeks up to the last day of attendance. CCLS will consider partial attendance the same as a whole week provided the student attended at least one class during the schedule week.
  • If a student withdraws after the midpoint of any course, CCLS retains all of the tuition fees for that course.
  • Courses not taken will be refunded but the student any discounts based on prepayment of multiple courses will be recalculated according to the number of courses actually taken.
  • Materials are only refundable if they are in “new” condition, in their original packaging and have never been used or handled. If tuition was discounted based on the acquisition of materials, it will be recalculated according to the prevailing tuition fee.


      Refund payments will be made within forty-five (45) days of the date of determination, which is the date the student withdrew, or the last day of attendance, or the date on which CCLS dismisses the student due to excessive absences (30 calendar days, excepting school recess) or the student’s failure to adhere to the institution’s attendance and conduct or violation of local, state, or federal law.


Credit card payments made to CCLS Miami will be credited to the same credit card account (credit card must be presented at the time of the refund. All other forms of payment will be refunded via a CCLS check or wire transfer, at CCLS’ discretion, minus bank or courier fees (unless CCLS cancelled the course).


CCLS retains student records for three (3) years after the date of determination. If CCLS is unable to contact or locate the student within three years of the date of determination, CCLS will retain any refunds due.


By signing below, I acknowledge that I have had the opportunity to review and translate this document to a language I understand. I accept the terms of the Refund Policy and will comply with it accordingly.


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If the student is under 18 years of age, guardian name: ___________________________________          





                  CCLS wants you to enjoy the maximum benefit from your language program; therefore, you will be expected to maintain an 80% cumulative attendance.  Tardiness or early departures over 15 minutes will be noted on your record as one hour absence. For tardiness or early departures of one hour, two hours of absence will be recorded. For tardiness or early departures of two hours, three hours of absence will be recorded.

Class Participation

                  You are expected to actively participate in class and work with your classmates to create an enjoyable learning environment for everyone. Students must speak in the target language at all times and stay focused on the course content. Your engagement and performance in class will be evaluated on a daily basis.


                  Besides your active participation in class, you are expected to do assignments in a timely fashion. Those exercises are an integral part of your language program and will help you assimilate the new structures and vocabulary more effectively. Completion of all work assigned by your teachers is mandatory.

Student Evaluation and Advancement

                  At the end of the course, you will be evaluated by means of written and oral exams, as well as your attendance, participation in class and homework completion.  The weight of each component of your final grade is as follows:


                  EEC / EBR / ESI / WAH Courses                                                                  CSK Courses

  1. Final Oral Exam – 35% Presentations – 40%
  2. Midterm (EEC only) & Final Written Exams – 35% Midterm & Final Oral Exams – 30%         
  3. Attendance – 10% Attendance – 10%
  4. Assignments – 10% Assignments – 10%
  5. Participation – 10%            Participation – 10%

                  The passing grade is 70%. Students enrolled in the Intensive English Program (EEC + CSK courses) will receive one final average grade. The EEC courses represent 70%, while the CSK courses represent 30%.


EEC – English for Effective Communication                          ESI – Español Internacional

CSK – Communication Skills                                                         EBR – Expresso Brasil

WAH – Wah Ahead


By signing below, I acknowledge that I have had the opportunity to review and translate this document to a language I understand. I accept the terms of the Academic Progress Policy will comply with it accordingly.


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