Change of Status Fees

The Form I-539 fees are paid by the applicant directly to USCIS when they file the forms.
The applicant understands and agrees that CCLS will only refund the tuition fee deposit if USCIS denies the change of status by virtue of the applicant not meeting the USCIS requirements for a bona-fide student. 
No other circumstances will be accepted, such as:
1. Applicant has submitted another change/adjustment of status application
2. Applicant transfers out to another institution
3. Applicant cancels or does not apply for the change of status to F-1.
4. Applicant does not comply with the requirements and evidence required by USCIS in a timely manner such as biometrics appointments, proof of funding, etc.
By writing my name on the space above, I understand it represents my signature on this online form. I expressly acknowledge that I understand and consent to the terms contained on this form.