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F1 policies: refund and academic progress

CCLS Refund Policy - F-1 Status Students

                    Refund Eligibility and Payment

      If the program of studies is cancelled by CCLS, all tuition fees and the application fee are refunded.

  • If a student cancels prior to his/her first course or is a no-show, CCLS will retain four weeks of tuition charges if the student has enrolled for fewer than 12 weeks and six weeks of tuition charges if the students has enrolled for 12 weeks or more.
  • If an attending student withdraws at or before the first course’s midpoint, CCLS will retain four weeks of tuition.
  • If a continuing student withdraws at or before the course’s midpoint (excepting the first course), CCLS will retain a prorated amount of tuition fees for that course.
  • If a student withdraws after the midpoint of a course, CCLS will retain all of charges for that course.
  • Materials acquired at CCLS are non-refundable, excepting CCLS cancels the course.

Attendance is calculated in weeks. Partial attendance in any week is considered a complete week of attendance.

Refund payments will be made within forty-five (45) calendar days of the date of determination, which is the date the student withdrawals or the date on which CCLS terminates the student for being absent for 30 consecutive calendar days (excepting school recess) or due to the student’s failure to adhere to the institution’s attendance, or policies.

In all refund cases, excepting if CCLS cancels a course) the student forfeits any discounts based on prepayment of multiple courses. All other discounts are also considered voided. Courses taken will be recalculated based on the full tuition fee, without discounts.

CCLS retains student records for three (3) years after the last day of attendance (LDA) or the first scheduled class date (FSCD).  Students are entitled to applicable refunds up to three (3) years after the students’ LDA or FSCD.

Students who paid their fees through educational or travel agents will receive their applicable refund fees from the agent, not from CCLS. CCLS will not be held responsible for any engagements students have entered with educational or travel agents. However, CCLS will ensure and document that the refund has been made on behalf of the student to the agent.

Credit card payments made to CCLS Miami will be credited to the same credit card account. All other forms of payment will be refunded via a CCLS check or wire transfer, at CCLS’ discretion, minus bank and courier fees.

 CCLS Academic Progress Policy - F-1 Status Students

At the end of the course, you will be evaluated by means of written (midterm and final) and oral exams, as well as your attendance, participation in class and homework completion.  The weight of each component of your final grade is as follows:

EEC 1-13 Courses (Monday to Thursday)                                         CSK 1-13 Courses (Tuesday/Thursday)

  1. Final Oral Exam – 35%                                                                           Presentations – 40%
  2. Midterm & Final Written Exams – 35%                                              Midterm & Final Oral Exams – 30%         
  3. Attendance – 10%                                                                                    Attendance – 10%
  4. Assignments – 10%                                                                                 Assignments – 10%
  5. Participation – 10%                                                                                 Participation – 10%

EEC – English for Effective Communication                                  CSK – Communication Skills

The passing grade is 70%.  The EEC courses represent 70%, while the CSK courses represent 30%. 

Attendance below 80% and final grades below 70% indicate violations of the F-1 student status. 

By signing below, I acknowledge that I have read, understood and I accept the terms of the Refund and Academic Progress policies. I acknowledge the both policies are described in detail in the student handbook.



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