Frequently Asked Questions

CCLS accepts unaccompanied students who are 15+ years old. We emphasize that the average age of students is 25.
Our courses begin every 8 weeks. Please consult the school calendar. Students may start at any time, if they do not wish to do a complete course.
There are 18 hours per week, with classes from Monday to Thursday, in the morning or afternoon. We offer a total of 13 courses and each course is completed in 8 weeks / 2 months. The total English course duration is 26 months.
No. The class schedules (morning or afternoon) are determined by CCLS, according to the student’s proficiency level in English.
Each course is $1,280.00 (or two payments of $640.00). However, if the student prepays for 2 or more courses, he/she enjoys a discount. The discount increases with the number of prepaid courses.
There are family houses, hostels, and guesthouses.
The cost depends on the type of accommodation, the time of the year, and the length of the stay. A room in a family home can start at US$400 per week.
Yes. The documents for the F-1 student visa are on the following page.
Currently, the fees are: Application fee = US$125 Fee for sending the I-20 document to your home country = US$95 and up I-901 Fee, paid to SEVP = US$350 In addition, there are consular interview fees paid in your currency prior to your interview.
The student should contact the US embassy/consulate in his country/city and inquire about the wait time for the interview. It varies from country to country. CCLS issues the I-20 document within one week of receipt of all the documentation and payment of application/courier fees. Mailing of the I-20 to the student’s country can take between 5 and 15 days, depending on the location. The I-20 document is required for the interview.
No, CCLS F1 students are not eligible to pursue employment.
No, financial aid is not available to CCLS students.
Yes, we do. Please contact us for more information:
We are located in the city of Miami, between Downtown and Coral Gables.
Please send us a message to