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In-State Waiver English

CCLS Refund Policy- In-State Tuition

Refund Eligibility and Payment

  • If the course is cancelled by CCLS, all fees are refunded.
  • If the student never attends or cancels before the course’s start date, a full tuition refund will be made.
  • If an attending student withdraws at or before the first course’s midpoint, CCLS will retain four weeks of tuition.
  • If a continuing student withdraws at or before the course’s midpoint, CCLS will retain a prorated amount of tuition fees. The prorated amount will be made in weeks up to the last day of attendance. CCLS will consider partial attendance the same as a whole week provided the student attended at least one class during the schedule week.
  • If a student withdraws after the midpoint of any course, CCLS retains all of the tuition fees for that course.
  • Courses not taken will be refunded but any discounts based on prepayment of multiple courses will be voided and the courses taken recalculated based on the prevailing tuition fee. All other discounts are voided.
  • Materials are non-refundable, unless CCLS cancels the course.

Refund payments will be made within forty-five (45) days of the date of determination, which is the date the student withdraws, or the last day of attendance, or the date on which CCLS dismisses the student due to excessive absences (30 calendar days, excepting school recess) or the student’s failure to adhere to the institution’s attendance and conduct or violation of local, state, or federal law.

Credit card payments made to CCLS Miami will be credited to the same credit card account (credit card must be presented at the time of the refund). All other forms of payment will be refunded via a CCLS check or wire transfer, at CCLS’ discretion, minus bank or courier fees.

CCLS retains student records for three (3) years after the date of determination. If CCLS is unable to contact or locate the student within three years of the date of determination, CCLS will retain any refunds due.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

Attendance, active participation in class and assignment completion will help you achieve the desired results more quickly and efficiently. We grade attendance, class participation and assignment completion as an incentive so students improve their language skills. 

Please note that tardiness or early departures over 15 minutes will be noted on your class record. Six notations are considered one absence.  Class participation will be evaluated on a daily basis.

Your course final grade will be calculated as follows:

EEC – English for Effective Communication                ESI – Español Internacional                  WAH – Way Ahead
CSK – Communication Skills                                           EBR – Expresso Brasil

EEC / EBR / ESI / WAH Courses                                      CSK Courses
Final Oral Exam – 35%                                                             Class presentations – 40%
Midterm (EEC only) & Final Written Exams – 35%          Midterm & Final Oral Exams – 30%
Attendance – 10% 3.                                                                 Attendance – 10%
Assignments – 10%                                                                   Assignments – 10%
Participation – 10%                                                                   Participation – 10%

The passing grade is 70%. Students enrolled in the Intensive English Program (EEC + CSK courses) will receive one final average grade. The EEC courses represent 70%, while the CSK courses represent 30%.

By signing below, I acknowledge that I have read and accept the terms of the CCLS Refund and Academic Progress Policies.

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