Maintaining F-1 Student Status

1. You must maintain a valid passport and I-20 (check expiration dates on both).

2. You must maintain a full course of study (a minimum of 18 hours per week).

3. You must meet the conditions of CCLS’ Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy. This policy requires that you obtain a minimum cumulative academic grade of 70% and maintain a cumulative attendance grade of 80% or higher.

a. If a student arrives more than 15 minutes late or leaves after the break, a tardy will be noted. Six tardies equals one absence.
b. If a student arrives after the break or leaves before the break, an absence will be noted.
c. If you miss classes for 2 or more consecutive weeks without proper communication to the school, CCLS will terminate your SEVIS record.

Students enrolled for just one course in their last course of studies at CCLS must meet both the Satisfactory Academic Progress and Attendance Policies. Otherwise, their SEVIS record will be terminated, regardless they wish to transfer to another institution or are returning home.

Grading scale:
EEC Courses (Monday to Thursday)
Oral & Written Exams: 70%
Attendance: 10%
Assignments: 10%
Participation: 10%

CSK Courses (Tuesdays/Thursdays)
Oral and Written Exams: 30%
Oral Presentation: 40 %
Assignments: 10%
Attendance: 10%
Participation: 10%

4. The syllabus of each course is available in a binder in all classrooms.

5. Failure to enroll for the current term by the end of the second week of class will lead to termination of the student´s SEVIS record for failure to enroll.

6. You must obtain a signature on the second page of your I-20 before traveling outside of the U.S.
If you are traveling within the U.S., no signature is required. Please notify the school of your travel plans at least two weeks before your trip.
Failure to have all required documents below may jeopardize your ability to re-enter the United States:
• A valid, signed Form I-20
• A valid passport (good for more than six months upon arrival)
• A valid student visa (students with a change of status to F-1 must obtain an F-1 visa in order to reenter the USA)
• SEVIS I-901 receipt
• Up-to-date financial information showing proof of funds to cover tuition and living expenses

7. As a CCLS student with an F-1status, you are not permitted to work in the U.S.

8. You must notify CCLS of any change of address or phone number immediately (whether it is here in the U.S. or in your home country).

9. If you waive health insurance, you will be solely responsible for all medical and related expenses you incur in the U.S. in case of an injury, emergency or illness. The USA does not offer free health care.
If you need medical care while at CCLS, CCLS will send for medical assistance but you will be responsible for all expenses related to your diagnostic and treatment.

10. You must obey all federal and state laws, including:
• (Motor vehicle drivers only) Carrying a state-issued driver’s license if you stay longer than six months in the U.S.
• (Motor vehicle drivers only) Purchasing car/motorcycle insurance if you operate a motor vehicle.
• (Motor vehicle drivers only) Paying all traffic tickets by mail or online
• Not drinking and driving – Driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or drugs is a serious criminal offense
• Not purchasing or drinking alcoholic beverages if you are under 21 years of age
• Not carrying open containers of alcoholic beverages in public places

11. You must leave the U.S. when/if:
• Your I-20 expires and you have not requested an extension. Students who complete their I-20 period of studies have a 60-day grace period before exiting the USA
• You have discontinued your course of study at CCLS and have not transferred to another school immediately – immediate departure.
• Your SEVIS record has been terminated due to a violation of your F-1 status – immediate departure.

12. Carry the emergency telephone number of your country’s consulate in Miami or embassy in Washington DC on your person. They should be contacted immediately if there is any legal or immigration problem.